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Target Bonding

Inquiry from customers

Manufacturing of target materials and backing plate, or being supplied with such materials by customers.

Bonding process
Vacuum packing


Techno Fine will offer you technical supports such as re-bonding besides collecting the target materials after use, and will also supply you various target attached products such as backing plates and returnable containers.

Techno Fine established the original bonding technology which made metallize processing on the back of target material unnecessary.

Features :
(1)Techno Fine established the consistent bonding process in the atmosphere, and realized shortening of bonding processes.
(2)The vacuum equipment used for metallize processing is not necessary. That makes sharp reduction of investment.
(3)High quality bonding with low cost is realized regardless of the material and size of target.

> Electrostatic chuck
> Vacuum equipment and components
> Bonding of organic/inorganic compound

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