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   19/12/2008 News Release
   Techno Fine Co., Ltd. announces the establishment of the mass production system
   of bonding processing of cylindrical targets.

   26/05/2008 Press Release
   Techno Fine Co.,Ltd. announces commercialization of NanoFoil®,NanoBond® process technology of
   Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. in USA

Message From Techno Fine

Today,people are brought together globally on a real-time basis. What makes these connections possible are the on-going enhancements made to the information devices such as computers and mobile telephones. These devices are equipped with LSI and other high-tech electronic components composed of newly developed high-performance raw materials.

We at Techno-Fine are prominently regarded for our state of the art technology in processing these high-performance raw materials. We manufacture the target materials for processing thin films and process the sputtered film, and perform various bonding processes. These applications are largely involved in the memory media and other devices for computers, LSI, displays including the large LCD television and the plasma monitor, and diverse high-tech electronic parts.

Our structure of operation has gained market strength, and Techno-Fine is currently expanding. In response to the increasing demand, we at Techno-Fine are advancing in further research in developing new technology.

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