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Sputtering Target

Please let us introduce some examples of the sputtering targets as follows, which Techno Fine manufactured by our original know-how, complying with the customer's needs, and offered to the customers.

1. High rate conductivity ceramic target for
which DC sputtering is possible
2. Materials for the high rate optical film that will be utilized
for various uses
(High-medium-low refractive-index material)
3. High purity SiC conductivity target
4. Ceramic materials for gas barrier films
5. Materials for electrode, which are deposited onto
various ceramic substrates
6. Large sized ceramic material of SiO2- Al2O3
7. Large diameter of the high purity Al2O3 target, and the material itself
8. Low melting point targets ( available through Techno Fine's bonding technology )
9. Others Various target materials which will meet your needs, budget and delivery time desired.

As for such details as specifications, plese move to → Inquiry

For example

Inquiry from customers

Proposal of target material
Manufacuring of target
Manufacturing of backing plate

Target bonding

Test, sputtering and evaluation with in-house sputtering equipment

Determination for mass-production

Techno-Fine will offer you a timely technical support to the target material after use and re-bonding such a target material. And we also quickly respond to your demand only for target materials.

Other target variations


For semiconductors

For memory media
(Optical and Magneto- Optical records etc.)


Al(3N〜5N),Al alloy
In2O3 group
Mo(3N,4N) Mo alloy
ZnO group
Al alloy(5N)
Ag alloy (3N,4N)
Al alloy (3N〜5N)
Si, SiC, various ceramics
Fe-Co (3N)
C (3N〜6N), Cr (3N,4N)
Ni alloy (3N,4N)
Ti,Ta,various ceramics
Cr (3N,4N),Ti (3N〜5N)
SiO2 (4N)
SiN group
Ni group

Other targets and vacuum evaporation materials than the above will be supplied at any time.

The inquiry about the contents is requested to move to Inquiry
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